Orient Watches: A Classic Never Goes Out of Style

Classic movies, music, and books. Why do we still keep them around? Why are they still important when we have so many current things to watch, listen to, and read?

For one, classics are where great ideas, innovations, and themes come from. That’s not to say that great ideas, innovations, and themes can’t happen today, but the classics are the building blocks for them.

It’s no different with fashion, style, and watches. Orient is one brand that specializes in classic watches because such timepieces reflect the heritage of the brand while also maintaining a timeless look. After all, a classic never goes out of style.

Orient’s ER24 Bambino and ER27 Symphony are 2 such classic watches. Check them out here.

ER24 Bambino

The ER24 Bambino series is a true ode to Orient’s earliest watches. Orient Dynamic, 1956, comes to mind, for one example.

Orient Dynamic

Both watches share clean, easy-to-read dials, precision watch hands, and Orient’s innovative in-house movements and craftsmanship. While the Dynamic was quite progressive in its time, featuring a center pivot seconds hand and a “big city” look, its classic style hasn’t changed much in the past 60 years.

In fact, the biggest thing that has changed is really quite small. Many of Orient’s current watches, like Bambino, have slightly larger cases than their predecessors. By slightly, we mean approximately 1-2mm.

Orient Bambino

So, like a classic movie that’s been digitally remastered, the Bambino is an enhanced version of the original with a style that’s not likely to go anywhere. And what else is great about this watch?

Besides being super classy, Bambino is also noted for its super wearability. This watch conveniently translates between professional and casual attire, featuring a comfortable leather band and durable materials that ensure its longevity. That said, the Bambino is built to last, both functionally and stylistically.

ER27 Symphony

Slightly more contemporary than Bambino, and with a greater variety of styles to choose from, Orient’s Symphony still adheres to the classic traditions of Orient Watches.

Orient Symphony

Sharing many features with Orient’s Grand Prix 100, 1964, as one example, Symphony maintains a similar clean, easy-to-read dial, with bold indices and precision watch hands, as Grand Prix 100. Of course, both watches also share Orient’s craftsmanship.

In its time, Grand Prix 100 was best known for having more jewels than any other domestic watch. A 100 jewel watch, as its namesake suggests, remains pretty impressive.

Orient Grand Prix 100

But what made this watch style long-lasting wasn’t its jewels. It was its look. While Symphony is a slightly more current take on its original predecessors, such as Grand Prix 100, some things never change. So besides classic style, what else is great about this watch?

Symphony’s timeless look is paired with favorite features like an exhibition caseback and a comfortable genuine leather band on some ER27 models and solid stainless steel on the others. Like Bambino and the Orient watches that came before, Symphony is built to withstand styles and trends, and both watches are built to withstand time.

Why do you love classic watches? Leave a comment below!

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