Orient Watch Company: Hallmarks of the Brand

Now that you know more about the Orient Watch Company as described in the Pre-War and Post-War History articles, learn what really makes Orient Watch Company a mainstay in the watch industry.

What keeps Orient Watches ticking? It's all in the in-house mechanical movement, one of the most noted hallmarks of the Orient brand. The in-house movement makes an Orient Watch an Orient Watch, unlike so many other watch brands with outsourced watch movements, such as brands that use ETA Swiss Movements.

One such Orient movement series, the Caliber 46, has been in continuous production since 1971. At the peak of its popularity, half a million of the Cal. 46 movements were being produced monthly. Over 100 million such movements have been produced in total. As you may know, it’s rare in the watch world for a single movement to remain in production for so long.

But the ongoing evolution of the Cal. 46 movement series has allowed this movement to maintain its integrity and improve as technology improves. The first Cal. 46 model, 46940, introduced a level of precision in wristwatch and movement production that established the movement’s place in the watch industry.

Orient Cal. 46940 in-house movement

Since then, the movement has been a part of the “Power Reserve” function watch, first introduced in 1996, and the “World Time” and “GMT” function watches that followed soon after.

Orient has since added structural features to some watch models, such as skeleton case backs and semi-skeleton dials. Each of these features displays the watch’s interior, revealing the movement’s balance and hairspring.

In addition to in-house movement production and other noteworthy features including power reserve indicators, which are on many current Orient models, the other essential hallmark of the Orient brand is its emphasis on maintaining a classic look.

Orient Bambino, a classic and clean look

An Orient Watch never goes out of style. That's because an Orient Watch is built from durable materials, following a design that acknowledges the latest trends while realizing the timeless looks that have been a part of the brand for over 60 years.

Now that you know more about the Orient Watch Company, tell us your favorite thing about Orient by leaving a comment below!

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