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Orient Explorer: The Perfect Watch for an End of Summer Exploration

It may be the end of summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in a little more vacation time. And what better timepiece to take with you on your last-minute summer exploration than the Orient Explorer?

Check out all the details of this one-of-a-kind watch here.

GMT Function

The GMT, or dual/world time, function is essential on every traveler’s watch. But what, exactly, is this function?

A GMT-functioning watch, like the Explorer, allows you to set two time zones at once. Though the Explorer’s bezel is a bit more complicated than bezels on other GMT watches with the addition of its slide rule function (which you’ll learn about later), all GMT watches are set in essentially the same manner.

Setting the first time zone is the same as setting any other analog watch. Pull out and rotate the crown to move the hour, minute, and seconds hands, or in this case the “local hands,” to the desired position. To set the second time zone, push the crown in halfway and simply use the 24-hour ticks as labeled on the innermost ring of the bezel as your guide. That said, the second time zone is set using the 24-hour, or military, format, so the GMT hand always moves at half the speed of the standard 12-hour format.

If you think the GMT function sounds interesting, check out all the other important features of the Explorer, such as the slide rule. Read on to learn about it.

Slide Rule Function

As mentioned, the Explorer features 2 additional scales around the bezel. These scales make up the slide rule calculator. The outermost scale can be rotated using the second crown while the inner scale is fixed.

Together these scales can be used to calculate basic arithmetic like addition or subtraction to multiplication or division. For the traveler, the slide rule can come in handy when converting currency or calculating gratuity.

Additionally, slide rules are common on aviator watches since the function can be used for flight plans, fuel burn, wind correction, and time en route.

So all of this is contained in one little wristwatch? Yes, and a lot more, too. Check out all the other great features of the Explorer.

Other Essential Functions and Features

If you don’t think the Explorer can get any better, it can. The GMT and slide rule functions make this watch ideal for traveling, but what else is great about it?

Orient’s In-House Caliber 48K40 Automatic Movement

A newer movement, the 48K40 dual time automatic movement is fully hackable, which means you can set the seconds hand for ultimate precision. This movement isn’t available on many Orient Watch USA models, making it a very special feature on the Explorer.

Date and Power Reserve Indicators

If you’re wondering what the other features on the dial are, located at the 12 position is the power reserve indicator and at the 6 position is the date indicator. These special features add artistic detail that is also super functional. The power reserve indicator lets you know how many hours, unmoved, your watch will run. At full power, the Explorer will run for approximately 40 hours, unmoved. The date indicator provides added convenience, and another essential feature of a traveler’s watch.

Sapphire Crystal

Scratch, crack, and break resistant sapphire crystal adorns the front and back of the Explorer. This particular crystal is complete with anti-reflective coating to avoid even the most glaring sun rays. As mentioned, sapphire crystal is also on the back of the Explorer, allowing you a crystal clear view of the inner workings of this remarkable automatic watch.

Additionally, if you plan to spend any time in the water on your last minute getaway, the Explorer is also water resistant to 100m, making it safe for wear while snorkeling, recreational diving, and swimming.

What’s your favorite feature of the Orient Explorer? Leave a comment below!

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