Then and Now: A Visual Comparison Between the New and Old Makos and Mako USAs

Today we're talking color. A question we receive often is not only about technical differences but also visual differences between the new and old models of our diver models, specifically the Mako and Mako USA in blue. Orient has been known to produce very beautiful blue dials, and we took some time to photograph the watches side by side. Here’s what we observed. The Mako (above left) and the Mako II: The original Mako without a doubt features a darker blue dial. Yes, the angle of the shot might appear to artificially illuminate the Mako. However, rest assured that the photo was shot this way to properly illustrate the color difference. Additionally, we found that the dial and gloss bezel insert on the original Mako created a darker look overall. DSC01916 - Copy The Mako USA (left) and the Mako USA II: This time, it might seem like one dial is lighter than the other. However, the dial and bezel color between these two models has not changed. But how about a comparison between the Blue Mako II/ and the Blue Mako USA II? The Mako USA collection has historically featured a more matte (as opposed to satin) finish on the dial. The Mako(including the new versions) have always sported a sleek satin finish, and the way that the light reflects off the dial makes them appear brighter. The matted sunburst finish on the Mako USA and Mako USA II still shines, just not as bright. It goes to show that dials could be perceived as the same color, but a difference in finishing really sets them apart.

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