Name That Watch - The Orient CDBAA

Orient Watch USA needs your help!

Ever want to name a watch collection? Now's your chance. We're looking for a creative name for the Orient CDBAA series of automatic watches, which retail for $210 each. The watches are great, and we think they're way too cool to be called the "CDBAA" series. Here's what we like about them:

Bold Dial with Semi-Skeleton Face

The dial (face) of this watch is incredible. Notice the big, bold, even-hour indicators and, most importantly, the semi-skeleton face with two exhibition points -- one over the balance wheel and one at the crown. These features are simply unheard of on a watch this affordable.

Exhibition Caseback

The caseback also reveals the intricate movement of the watch through a single exhibition point that is strategically positioned at the balance wheel -- a highly-unique feature.

Stainless-Steel Case

Because stainless-steel is extremely durable and has a strong resistance to corrosion, this watch can last for generations. It's even water resistant up to 50M.

Where did "CDBAA" come from?

If you look at all of Orient's watches, you'll notice that the models have a combination of letters and numbers in their name. Because Orient makes all of their own movements in house (a very rare trait among watch companies), this system is used to identify everything from the particular movement, to the color of a watch. For example:


While names like "CFT00004B" help to explain a watch's "DNA" (if you know the codes), it also makes it really difficult for the average person to talk about the different lines. In fact, some Orient fans decided to ignore the model numbers all together and start using their own nicknames, such as the Orient "Mako".

Contest Details

So, there you have it. Now you know why this family of watches so badly needs a name!

** If we choose your suggestion, your winning name will be used on Orient Watch's official US website,, and you will receive a one-of-a-kind, FREE WATCH from this collection, engraved with the new series name and date. **

Here are the rules/details:

  • Comment below to submit your suggested series name. No need to submit a name for each color.
  • If the chosen name is submitted by multiple contestants, only the first commenter, based on timestamp, will win.
  • Winner receives 1 Orient Watch pictured above.
  • Contest ends on August 15, 2009.


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