Name That Watch – The Orient CEV0900

It's watch naming time again! If you're unfamiliar with our Name That Watch contest, Orient has been involving our fans in coming up with creative names for a number of Orient watch series. For each contest, we award the winner with a free watch from the renamed collection and use the winning name on Orient Watch's official U.S. website.

Let's face it, a name like Orient CEV09002B doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, whereas past winning names like "Orient Metro" or "Orient Sky" are certainly more conversation friendly.

This time around, we're looking for a creative name for the Orient CEV0900 series of automatic watches, which retails for $120, $150 or $160, depending on dial color and band type.

Here’s why we think this series is worthy of a cooler name:

Wide Calendar Function At the 6 o'clock position, the full name of the day is displayed prominently, which really sets this classic watch apart. The date of the month is elegantly displayed at the 3 o'clock position on the dial. This wide display is perfect for a quick glance, truly showcasing the practical simplicity of this design. Choices of dial colors include blue, black and classy checkered white.

Stainless Steel Case The watches in this series can last for generations thanks to the extremely durable stainless-steel case. Each watch in this series even has a water resistance up to 50m. Choose from either a stainless steel bracelet or a brown leather band.

Double Push Button Fold Over Clasp Never worry about a watch in this series slipping off your wrist unintentionally. To release the double push button fold over clasp, wearers must push on both sides of the clasp. This safety clasp ensures the genuine leather band or stainless steel bracelet stays put.

Where did “CEV0900” come from?

All Orient watch models have a combination of letters and numbers in their name, which correspond with identifiable properties, such as the color of a watch. Because all Orient movements are made in-house, this system is very helpful in identifying everything from the particular movement to the type of bracelet.

For example:

Sure, a name like “CFT00004B” helps explain a watch’s “DNA” (if you know the codes). But model names like these aren't very approachable for the average person. In fact, even before our Name That Watch Contest, some Orient fans decided to ignore the model numbers all together and start using their own nicknames, such as the Orient “Mako”.

Contest Details

Now you can see why this collection of automatic watches deserves a new name.

Here are the rules/details:

  • Comment below to submit your suggested series name. No need to submit a name for each color.
  • If the chosen name is submitted by multiple contestants, only the first commenter, based on timestamp, will win.
  • Winner receives 1 Orient Watch pictured above.
  • Hurry! Contest ends February 28, 2010.

Remember, if we choose your suggestion, your winning name will be used on Orient Watches' official site in the U.S., and you will receive FREE WATCH from this collection.

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