Model Comparisons: Featured Raven

For the past couple of weeks has featured the Ray Raven on the home page. This sleek and standard watch isn’t the only one sporting the raven name. Orient has a three flock raven family made up of the Ray Raven,  Camera Raven,  and the Motorcycle Raven. Check out a side by side comparison of all three of these amazing Orient watches.

  • Ray Raven – it comes in four variations of dial colors and stainless steel. Mix it up with either a blue,  orange,  or black dial. The bezel is unidirectional Similar to the Mako,  the Ray Raven has a diver twist to its standard design making it perfect for work and play. This watch retails for $325.

  • Camera Raven – This sophisticated watch comes with rich details such as rose gold accents and a skeleton back. The Camera Raven is part of the Orient Star line and features an exhibition case. The face of the watch also has subtle shutter markers, similar to that of a real camera. This exquisite best seller retails for $890.

  • Motorcycle Raven – This watch has more of a modern industrial feel and a biker style. The dial of this watch is black with crisp white accents. It is also semi-skeleton which adds to its unique look. Overall the Motorcycle has a simple bezel compared to the other Raven watches and the minute indexes have actually been inscribed on the crystal itself. This amazing watch retails for $890.


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