Night and Day: Introducing the New Sun and Moon Version 4!

Since its initial release years ago, the Sun and Moon collection has served as a luxe alternative to the ever-popular Bambino and Symphony. It is everything that the Bambino isn’t; it is not based on simplicity or modernity, but intricacy and depth. We’re pleased to announce that the Sun and Moon family is growing with the introduction of the Sun and Moon Version 4.

The most obvious thing that sets the Version 4 apart from all versions that came before it is the use of classic Arabic Numerals. Such change leaves the design refreshed: its rich, satin finish complements the hands beautifully. The sub-dial layout is identical to that of the Version 3, and is embellished with the same concentric designs. This layout is set against a crisp matte dial, which is another first for the collection. This fully allows the other components of the timepiece to be highlighted.

Spec-wise, the Version 4 picks up where the last one left off, with a 42.5 wide case, 14mm thick case and a handsome, beveled design. It is also protected by a sapphire crystal and powered by the Orient caliber F6B24 automatic, hand-winding and hacking movement. The movement can be observed through an exhibition case back.

Please note that the Sun and Moon Version 4 collection will be dropping in two phases: in mid-September and late October.

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