Labor Day: Celebrate the Dedicated Workmanship of Orient Watches

Picnics, parades, and a long weekend. How else can you celebrate Labor Day, a celebration of the economic and social contributions of workers? Perhaps by also celebrating the dedicated workmanship behind Orient Watches, the true watchmaker’s watches.

What makes an Orient Watch a watchmaker’s watch? Read on to find out!

Watchmaking is an Art

Did you know that watchmaking is an art that’s hundreds of years old? Like carpenters, blacksmiths, and potters, watchmakers spend years harnessing, sharpening, and mastering their art.

At one time, every watchmaker strived to be a master craftsman, manufacturing each tiny piece of a watch by hand. These days, despite the many factory-made watch parts and machine-built watches, the intricacy, artistic eye, and precision required by certain watch brands is no less a masterful artform than it was 200 years ago.

Orient is an Art

Orient is one such watch brand that requires an artisanal touch on each of its hand-built watches. Furthermore, did you know that Orient manufactures its own movements? It’s true, and each of these in-house movements is hand-built, one by one.

By advocating this key piece of watchmaking, the Orient brand has become a true watchmaker’s watch. After all, watchmaking without also manufacturing an in-house movement is merely watch fabrication, or putting pieces together to make a whole. But where is the art in that?

The Bambino is one of Orient's classic automatic models

Additionally, the Orient brand has made a name for itself through the production of in-house movements at extraordinarily low consumer costs. Orient specializes in classic watches that feature quality parts, affordable prices, and a variety of styles to choose from. In other words, Orient doesn’t claim to be a boutique brand, but selling 2 million quality and affordable pieces per year is certainly something to brag about.

What will you be bragging about this Labor Day? Your grilling skills, your fast pitch, or your true watchmaker’s watch? Tell us by commenting below!

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