Just in Time: Back to School Watches!

With back to school quickly approaching (or already started for everyone on the semester system), you’ve got to have a trusty watch. Why? Well maybe you’re starting that new internship you’ve been dreaming about and you need a great looking piece that’ll up your professional look. Or how about those times during a midterm where you’re seated the furthest away from the only clock in the room and you don’t know how much time you’ve got left? Orient’s got the answer. Take a peek at our back to school watch lists, with options below $250, $250-$400 and above $400. What’s more is that you can use code ‘backtoschool30’ for an extra 30% off your order in! We’ve also added functionality that allows you to pick your own free watch!

$250 and under


At under $250, Orient has many options. For $175 you can get a customer favorite – the Orient Capital. Sure, it’s a quartz watch, but with a domed crystal and a classic looking dial, it’s a great watch you’d wear for both an internship and your frat’s formal. Not a big fan of the domed look? The Orient Symphony is slightly larger and features a flat crystal. At $210, it is an absolute bargain and comes in both black and white.


 In terms of sport watches, we’d suggest either the Orient Champion ($220) or the Orient field watch($250). The Champion comes on a stainless steel bracelet and is offered in green, blue or black. The field watch is a multifaceted watch with a 24 hour dial (to tell you night from day), day and date. It’s got a military inspired look and while its offered on a stainless steel bracelet as well, we’ve found that stitched leather band is one of the most comfortable on the market.




Got a little more in your pocket to splurge? This tier features watches from Orient’s core collection. The Orient Mako ($285) and Orient EM65 ($295) have been our top sellers, with the Orient Mako almost having been around for a decade. They use one of Orient’s most robust movements, the 469 caliber that celebrated its 40th anniversary a few years ago. To date, over 100 million 469 movements have been manufactured. The diver watches are classics, and feature unidirectional bezels, stainless steel bracelets (also can come on a rubber strap for $245 and $260, respectively) and 200m water resistance, which is perfect for the beach or by the pool (just remember to screw in the crown!).

_DSC5716 _DSC5731

If you’re not a fan of diver watches, we’d recommend the Orient Pilot's Watch ($295). The Orient Pilot's Watch is obviously a pilot’s watch and is easily one of the most legible watches available. If you want something better than the plain black, the Pilot's Watch comes in blue and green as well which are equally as handsome. The Orient Disk ($340) model is a fantastic modern piece with an interesting design. With slick IP black coating on the case and the bracelet, they come in a variety of colors that appear through the cut outs of the dial. The hour hand on the watch is a triangle cut out that moves as time elapses and changes color. Definitely a sporty piece that’s perfect for the Fall.

The Orient Bambino ($260) is the mechanical brother to the previously mentioned Orient Capital. It too features a domed crystal. Ever since its release its caught fire and has been one of our most popular watches (especially the white/stainless steel variation). It’s the perfect dress watch and priced to not burn a whole in your wallet. Additionally, we’d highly recommend the Orient DB08 ($280), which is a dress watch with an open heart dial. What’s neat about open heart dials is that you can actually visualize the watch beating (kind of like a beating heart).



_DSC5749 We’ve got two stellar recommendations for watches over $400. The first is the Orient Curator ($415) which was new for 2013. It’s a dress watch, but also features date, power reserve (so you know how much power is left in the watch) and a sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is one of the most robust crystals used for watches as it is highly scratch resistant. The Orient Curator is piece that looks and feels like a watch sold at several times the price. _DSC5517The second watch is new for 2013 as well. The M-Force Air Diver ($560), is a dive watch with all the specs to back up its masculine look. Orient’s M-Force line has been around since 1997, and is made up of some of the most rugged watches available on the market. The M-Force Air Diver SEL03004B is an ISO certified watch, with certifications for water resistance, shock resistance and anti-magnetism. If you lead a fairly active lifestyle, we’d say that this is the watch to own. It’ll take a beating like a champ and by the end of the day will keep on ticking and telling accurate time.

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