It's Back: The Orient Monterey FTT0V004Y

FTT0V004Y0 Monterey.Still012Some collectors may say that no collection is complete without a chronograph. However, most automatic chronographs cost an excess of $1,000 which makes them not as easily obtainable. Today, we’re reintroducing the FTT0V004Y0 Monterey quartz chronograph. It had been out of stock for a while and we’re excited to have it back!

The Monterey FTT0V004Y features a flat, dark cream dial that is reminiscent of the vintage looking Bambino. And like the Bambino, the Monterey features a domed crystal. The hour markers and hand set are polished stainless steel. The spear shaped hands are long and pointy. The seconds are displayed in a sub dial at the 9 o’clock position. The chronograph sub dials are at the top and bottom, and the date display is at the three o’clock. What’s great about the Monterey is that the little design elements are really what define the watch. The sub dials seem to be stamped on and are indented into the dial itself. What we love about the dial is that the chronograph is simple and unassuming, especially when compared to their sport chrono counterparts. The chronograph pushers are rectangular and smoothly rounded which makes for easy use. The onion style crown brings a bit of vintage flair to the piece as a whole. The chapter ring does feature a tachymeter which definitely dresses down the watch. Nonetheless, the watch is modern and executive.

The case is 42mm in diameter which is a great contemporary size. And since it is quartz, the case is very thin which makes this watch a ‘wear it and forget about it’ kind of watch. Those who do not like heavy timepieces will surely appreciate the Orient Monterey. The FTT0V004Y Monterey retails at $305. It's an all around solid piece. Dappered just added to its list of Best Looking Dress Chronographs.

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