In Review: 3 Reasons We Love Ray

If you thought Mako was the epitome of an Orient diver, meet Ray. Ray is a relatively new diver that offers a lot to love.

Here are 3 things we love (plus a little bit more) about Ray. Check it out!

Great Look

If it’s one thing we love about Ray, it’s the look. Ray offers a premier diver that’s equipped with bold lume at each of the indices as well as on all the watch hands. Ray’s lume is truly outstanding and a must for a diver. Additionally, Ray is available with a navy blue, bright orange, or classic black dial, and whichever color you choose, your Ray will definitely stand out.

Customers have noted that Ray’s great looks have added to its nice presence on the wrist. Weighing in at 41mm, Ray does offer a bold presence without being overpowering or uncomfortable.

You will also notice that Ray’s design is complete with a crown as well as a push button above the crown. The crown is screw-down (ideal for a diver), and is used to set the time and date. The push button, however, is used to change the day and to flip between English and Spanish (all Orient watches are bilingual).

Pretty great, right? Well, there’s a lot more to Ray, so keep on reading.

Solid Build

We love Ray’s solid build. After all, this watch is made of solid stainless steel. In fact, customers have noted that Ray offers great heft. In other words, despite its low price, it doesn’t feel flimsy or cheap.

As mentioned, Ray is built with a stainless steel case and band. Its solid construction is accentuated with the use of both a screw-down case back, crown, and push button that are ideal for a dive watch as the screw-down features further prevent water from entering the case.

It’s also important to note that Ray has mineral crystal glass covering the dial. Though not sapphire, mineral crystal gets the job done as it protects the dial and watch interior.

And speaking of watch interior...

Mechanical Movement

How couldn’t we love Ray’s mechanical movement? We couldn’t, that’s how. Ray features Orient caliber 46943 mechanical movement. Like all of Orient’s movements, this one offers approximately 40-hour power reserve, although no power reserve indicator on the dial.

That’s okay though because if you love Ray as much as us, you probably won’t be taking it off very much anyways (power reserve is essentially a mechanical watch’s battery life, but unlike a battery, mechanicals are charged by wearing them, shaking them, or simply moving them around).

That’s all great, but...

What else?

A lot. Here’s what else is great about Ray:

Water Resistance

Doh. Can’t have a diver without water resistance, and Ray has a lot. It’s not the ultimate diver, but 200m water resistance isn’t bad. You can safely swim, snorkel, play water sports, and, of course, scuba dive safely wearing Ray.

Safety Clasp

Ray’s band is stainless steel, and it’s also safe. This band offers a fold-over clasp with a double push button safety release. So wear Ray confidently; it’s not going anywhere whether in the water or on land.


The standard Ray is available for just $230. The sleek Ray Raven (Ray plus IP coated stainless steel) is available for $325. Affordable, yes, but right now you can get Ray for even less. Head on over to Orient Watch USA, and use the code Summer2012 to get Ray for 30% off before summer’s gone!

What’s your favorite thing about Ray? Tell us in the comments!

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