Fantastical Timepieces

We took a look at some "non-traditional" watches on the market to get an idea of what the future may hold.  Indeed, these 2 particular styles seem to be from the future.

When I look at the Kisai Sensai Pure, I think of superheros, secret agents, or maybe spies who use it to activate bombs or shoot lasers at bad guys. But this is an actual watch used only to tell time.  No, it doesn’t shoot lasers. The red led lights give you the hour, the green lights work in groups of five minutes, and the yellow lights indicate single minutes. It doesn't sound all that confusing until you look at it. Not sure I'd use it to see the time, instead I would wear it and pretend I'm James Bond.

You are a walking laser light show with the Kisai Broke. The fragmented display lights on and off accordingly like the  watch described above. However with this one, the outer ring denotes the hours, the inner ring is increments of ten minutes, and the four in the center are single minutes. If I ever meet an alien, I imagine this is the sort of watch it would wear, and then it would use it to teleport me into outer space.

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