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Since it's introduction, the Sun and Moon collection has earned its fans and its place within our classic collection. They've served as an elegant, sophisticated alternative to the classic Bambino and Symphony collections. Take a look at the current state of the collection.

Sun and Moon Version 2 – The Version 2 was the clear successor to the original and the series that introduced Roman numerals, guilloche-styled finishing, and dimensional dial detail that has defined the Sun and Moon series since. In short, it started the design trend that has influenced the rest of the collection so far.

Sun and Moon Version 3 – This iteration picked up where the last left off, by slightly tweaking the design and ultimately upgrading the mechanical movement. It was the first Sun and Moon to be automatic, hand-winding, and hacking, afforded by the new Orient caliber F6222 movement.

Sun and Moon Open Heart – In a series of firsts, the Open Heart was no different. As the name suggests, it is first Sun and Moon model to trade in its day and date features for a beautiful open heart display. However, the classic sun and moon styling remained.

Sun and Moon Petite – For the Petite, we repurposed the design of the Sun and Moon into a smaller silhouette. We did so with limited loss of functionality—in fact, aside from obvious size, the only difference between the Petite and the rest of the series is the use of an accurate KUE00 quartz movement.

Sun and Moon Version 4 – A few simple design modifications ushered the newest version of the Sun and Moon: the version 4. While much was left unchanged, classic Arabic number and a matte dial finished were added to establish a clean, classic contemporary look.

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