Back in Stock: Orient Sun and Moon FET0P003W, FET0P002W, and FET0P002B

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After a long hiatus, we’re pleased to announce that the Orient Sun and Moon collection is back in stock! The Sun and Moon is available in three variations: a champagne dial on black leather (FET0P003W0), a champagne dial on bracelet (FET0P002W0) and a black dial on stainless steel (FET0P002B0). It will serve perfectly as an office watch and transition wonderfully into a drinks-after-work piece.

The feature that makes this watch so appealing is the complication it is derived from; the Sun and Moon indicator. The disk displays an etched image of a sun on one end of the disk and a moon on the other, which slowly rotates as the day progresses to night and back again. This makes for an extremely engaging way to indicate whether the time is AM or PM (or day and night) and this functionality is especially useful when setting the time. The metallic disk with the Sun and Moon illustrations makes it an absolute pleasure to observe throughout the day. The exposed screws adjacent to the sun and moon subdial provide an edgier look that introduces a sporty feeling to the dress watch motif without being over the top. Nestled right next to the sun and moon display is a day subdial at the 2:30 position which is embellished with a guilloche finish. The asymmetrical dial design draws the eye from one element to the other gracefully.  In fact, there are many stylistic elements on the dial of the watch that makes it less ordinary. From the metallic, sun burst dial to the concentric graining in the sun and moon subdial to the stark blue hands (on the champagne models) and the fully polished case, the design of the Sun and Moon really sets it apart from all other Orient watches. The culmination of all these features effectively makes the watch what some would consider a modern ‘crossover’ watch which tiptoes in the realms of both classic and sporty.

Housed inside the 41.5mm polished stainless steel case is the Orient in house caliber 46B46 movement, which can be further examined through the exhibition case back by flipping over the watch.  For an executive watch, a 41.5mm case is a wonderful size, large enough to command a presence, but small enough not to be poor taste in the boardroom.  This modern case size gives the watch a sportier vibe. The dial is protected by a tough sapphire crystal. With a 30m water resistance, the Sun and Moon will be able to handle your day to day life. Mounted either on leather or stainless steel, the Sun and Moon will never look out of place.

The Sun and Moon retails at $360 on leather and $395 on stainless steel at

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