As Mark Kim's Journey Begins...

I stumbled out of bed with great difficulty this morning. It's 4am and I'm getting ready to go to the airport. To think that it's noon in Switzerland is not an inviting feeling. It's remarkable how much of a procrastinator I have becomes when sleep is involved. It's like poker, but the chips are made of time and every nine minutes I'm reminded to ante up.

It now 7:20am and I'm now waiting to get on the plane. As the passengers slowly walk in single file down the narrow aisles, you notice the constant chit chat among strangers. Oh I can't wait to be off this plane...

They showed the new star trek movie with the young Captain Kirk, which was absolutely brilliant. It's been some time where I have enjoyed a movie. Right after the movie, I feel into a deep sleep, which really helped to get through the flight.

Will this ride end?

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