Introducing the Orient Mako XL Series

The winner of our latest Orient Name That Watch Contest is Shad Starns, who suggested the name "Mako XL" for the Orient CEM75001B diver watch. We sent him his own watch, and he sent us a review of it.

Here's his review of his Orient watch and some pictures of him wearing it!



First of all I want to say what a thrill it is to have been involved

with the naming of a line of watches for a company like Orient. These

contests in my opinion are what makes Orient such a special brand.

Quality, beauty, and affordability are what comes to mind when I think

of Orient watches. Special thank you to the entire crew of

OrientwatchUSA for choosing the name I submitted... Mako XL.

My orange Mako XL arrived a few days after I was notified by Joey that

I won the contest. As the owner of 3 other Orients, I had my eye on

this one for a while. The first thing I noticed during the unboxing was

the weight of this watch. I opened the case and saw this beautiful

orange glow. The dial is amazing and it truly pops and demands

attention. The hour markers have a beautiful silver backing which offer

a nice contrast to the dial. Day/date function is a nice carry over

from the original Mako as is the day pusher. I prefer the lower profile

of the pusher on the Mako XL. Screw down crown feels solid and the

black bezel has firm and secure action. The bracelet is a nice upgrade

from the original Mako in my opinion as I prefer a non-tapered

bracelet. The clasp is secure and of course both crown and clasp have

the nice Orient logo finish. The Mako XL is a big boy and has tons of

wrist presence.

I am proud to report that having had the watch now for 5 days it is

running +3 seconds. Simply remarkable. I have stopped being surprised

by this kind of performance as all of my Orients perform this way. It

is truly a testament to Orient as a company to provide such amazing

timepieces like the Mako XL for such affordable prices.

I wear all my Orients with pride. But, having been involved with the

naming of such a fine watch for such a wonderful company there will

always be a little extra glow about me when I click this one on my

wrist. Not everybody can say they named an entire line of watches!

Again, a special thank you to everyone at OrientwatchUSA for choosing my




Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us, Shad!

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